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Here at Shetland Heat Energy and Power Ltd we have been serving cost effective district heating to both domestic and non domestic properties in Lerwick since 1998.

Hot water is pumped around Lerwick through underground, insulated pipes and enters properties through a heat exchanger, supplying their heating and hot water needs. The heat used in the scheme is generated at a Waste to Energy Incinerator located on the outskirts of Lerwick. The incinerator at the Energy Recovery Plant burns domestic and commercial waste from Shetland, Orkney and from the offshore oil industry, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

Up to August 2013 there was a total of 1200 connections and 1174 of these are receiving heat.     

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Operational News

The Lerwick district heating scheme will be shut down on the evening of Tuesday 14th November from 10.00pm until early the following morning. This is required for essential maintenance work at the Peak Load Boiler Station.

During this period there will be no heating or hot water available to customers throughout the whole scheme.

Every endeavour will be made to keep the shut-down as short as possible. 



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