Shetland Heat Energy and Power
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Tariffs for Businesses from 01 October 2014

All Prices exclude VAT

Basic Charge: 6.6p per kWh

Annual Standing Charge: £100

Connection Fee: The minimum connection fee is based on the pipe diameter.


When connected on existing mains

20 and 25mm


32 and 40mm


50 and 65mm


80 mm


100 mm


In the case of a difficult or very long connection a higher charge may be necessary.

In the case of a new development the developer will be requested to allow the entry pipes to be installed during the foundation work and excavate a trench to the site boundary or mains whichever is nearer. Any pipework from the site boundary to the mains will be undertaken by SHEAP. If the connection requires a road opening, there will be an additional £200 to meet Council fees.

Methods of Payment: Quarterly payment would be preferred. However it may be possible to give monthly bills based on meter readings. Please contact Shetland Heat Energy and Power Ltd (01595 697111) to discuss this option.

Commercial customers who manage to attain return temperatures of less than 50 degrees Celcius may be entitled discounts of up to 16%. For further information please contact us.