District heating compares favourably to most other available heat sources

District heating presents a viable, cost-efficient alternative to other heat sources available in Shetland.  

You can see this on the comparison chart of costs below - date against pence per kWh cost.

Take heat when you need it - no boiler required

With night storage heaters you have to think a day ahead about what heat you will require and the forecast can often be wrong. If you have an oil fired or solid fuel boiler you have to make sure you don't run out of fuel.

Unlimited hot water is instantly available

With other forms of heating you need to heat water and may have to decide ahead when you will want it so it’s there. If you use a hot water tank there is a limited supply of hot water.

When you use district heating you are dealing with a local company

During office hours there is a person at the end of the phone, not a computer.  No call centre is involved. 

Profits from the district heating scheme are not distributed to shareholders.  They are currently gifted to the Charitable Trust for the benefit of the Shetland economy.

District heating is healthy, clean and green

There is no smell, no dust and no ash.

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