1. Send your completed application form to Shetland Heat Energy and Power Ltd, Marina Business Park, Gremista, Lerwick ZE1 0TA. You may wish to contact us first to discuss your application.

2. SHEAP will assess the possibility of connection and advise you of their decision in writing.  If a connection is possible, SHEAP will arrange for a visit by a representative to visit your property to determine the pipe route, point of entry, position of the meter and heat exchanger and advise on any other relevant matters.  

3. The SHEAP representative will then draw up a customer agreement form.

4. You will need to contact a plumber in order to receive a quotation for installing a heat exchanger and, if not already installed, a wet heating system to meet SHEAP’s specifications.  Where time permits it would be preferable to have the quotation before step 2 so that you know the cost of the works before committing yourself.  The quotation should include fitting of the meter (supplied by SHEAP) and connecting to the power supply.  Earth bonding works will be required to be undertaken to the pipework to the correct engineering standards.  

5. We will arrange for the pipe to be laid from the mains up to the premises and be responsible for all reinstatement.  The contractor may request you to sign a form confirming that the reinstatement is to your satisfaction.

6. We will advise you when the supply is available so that your plumber can put in your installation and connect up immediately.  The plumber will be required to undertake any tests requested by us and instruct you on the operation of your new heating system.  We will then seal the meter and inspect the installation.

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