Tariffs for Domestic Housing from 1 April 2024

All Prices exclude VAT

Basic Charge: 8.05p per kWh (see below for rate on card meter)

Annual Standing Charge: £160

Connection Fee: As every property is different the connection fee will be assessed once your application has been received.

In the case of a new property being constructed the developer will be requested to allow the entry pipes to be installed during the foundation work and excavate a trench to the site boundary whenever pipework from the site boundary to the mains will be undertaken by SHEAP.


There are three payment methods available:


quarterly direct debit / invoicing


monthly standing order / direct debit


card meter

Meters are read each quarter. Customers who have opted for quarterly invoicing or quarterly direct debits will be sent invoices after the end of March, June, September and December.

Customers who have opted for monthly direct debits will pay an agreed amount each month and their accounts and payments will be reviewed after the end of March.

There are a number of ways you can pay your bill:

  1. At the SHEAP office
    • using debit or credit card
    • by cash
    • by cheque
  2. Over the telephone (745151)
    • using debit or credit card
  3. Post
    • by cheque
  4. Online
  5. At the SIC cashiers office
    • using debit or credit card
    • cash

Card Meter: On request a card meter can be installed once the building has been fitted with a heating system to take district heating. The basic charge will be 10p per kWh, which includes elements for standing charges and other costs. There is no charge for a prepayment meter.

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