Tariffs for Businesses from 01 April 2024

All Prices exclude VAT

Basic Charge: 8.05p per kWh

Annual Standing Charge: This differs for each property.

Connection Fee:

As every property is different the connection fee will be assessed once your application has been received.

In the case of a new property being constructed the developer will be requested to allow the entry pipes to be installed during the foundation work and excavate a trench to the site boundary whenever pipework from the site boundary to the mains will be undertaken by SHEAP.

In the case of a difficult or very long connection a higher charge may be necessary.

Methods of Payment: Payments will be required on a monthly basis with either quarterly or monthly billing.  Please contact Shetland Heat Energy and Power Ltd (01595 745151) to discuss this option.

Commercial customers who manage to attain return temperatures of less than 50 degrees Celcius may be entitled discounts of up to 16%. For further information please contact us.

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